Monday, March 21, 2011

Preventice sets up shop in Fargo

Preventice, Inc. sets up shop in Fargo, brings mobile health applications to technology sector
Fargo, N.D. — Preventice, Inc., a leading developer of mobile health applications, has opened an office in Fargo and is actively hiring a number of software engineering-related positions. Founded and headquartered in Rochester, Minn., Preventice builds and deploys mobile health systems that use emerging technology to improve the health care experience, create a more efficient care delivery system, and reduce health care spending.

According to Jon Otterstatter, co-founder, president and CEO of Preventice, the company chose Fargo in part because of its growing technology sector and local talent pool. "Not only does Fargo offer a supportive business environment for entrepreneurial companies like ours, but the local talent pool will enable us to pull jobs that are currently being outsourced back into the local economy," said Otterstatter. "This 'local sourcing,' as we call it, creates opportunities for Fargo Moorhead-based developers to work with the latest Android and iPhone platforms to create leading-edge health care solutions. For developers, it doesn't get much better than that."

Otterstatter added that the innovative health care marketplace in the Midwest including communities like Rochester, the Twin Cities metro area, and Fargo provides the ideal environment and workforce for Preventice.

Preventice integrates key technology from industry leaders in health care, pharmaceuticals, medical device companies and mobile phone technology in an open, secure cloud-computing framework. Otterstatter noted that harnessing the latest technology allows Preventice to
address health care conditions that are often associated with high cost and inefficient use of health care services.

Current Preventice applications include a collaboration with Mayo Clinic to distribute the CARD System, which gives physicians and patients instant access to information about how to avoid chemicals, preservatives and fragrances in skin care products that cause allergic reactions, such as rashes. Preventice also targets conditions like heart disease through its Bodyguardian application, and sleep apnea through its SleepSound application.

"The Greater Fargo Moorhead EDC is excited that Preventice is opening a research and development facility in Fargo Moorhead. They will be a great asset to our community, adding to our growing smart-technology cluster and creating jobs that will attract and retain a highly-skilled workforce in the region," said Kevin McKinnon, GFMEDC president.

Preventice, which is a subsidiary of privately owned Boost Information Systems, recently received significant funding from Fargo-based Arthur Ventures and is on a fast track to establish itself as the leader in the mobile health marketplace. "Arthur Ventures is committed to making investments that improve the human condition, and we're tremendously excited to support Preventice and its expansion to Fargo," said James Burgum, co-founder and managing director of Arthur Ventures. "Preventice recognizes the need for 'go-anywhere' mobile applications, and its solutions represent the next phase of health care. Preventice will have a positive impact not only on our local and regional economies, but also on the health care reform landscape itself."

According to Otterstatter, Preventice also has other applications in the market and in development that target potentially high-cost or problem areas, such as prescription medication management, remote patient monitoring, diabetes management, and migraine headache care.

To learn more about Preventice and the company's suite of mobile health applications, visit To inquire about open positions in the Fargo office, contact Andy Westby, program manager at Preventice at

Posted 02/25/2011

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